Life-changing events are marked by a day. Whether it is the loss of a love one, a marriage, a divorce, a job layoff, or you find out about an illness, you need to be prepared for change. Getting Beyond the Day™ is just that — a guidebook to empower dislocated workers with resources and tools needed to move past the event and get their lives back on track.

SHORT SYNOPSIS OF THE BOOK: Job loss is one of the most significant stresses a person can face. Upon learning about a layoff, almost every area of your life is affected. While each person is impacted in unique ways, certain areas of life are inevitably changed to some degree or other.

There is a vast amount of information out there to help people who are unemployed. The problem is how to find it. This book targets those who have lost a job or been selected for layoff. The various tips contained herein also relate to individuals who just want to save money by cutting their personal/home expenses.

As you process the news of a job layoff, Getting Beyond the Day™ is a roadmap to help you stay focused on finding your next career move, but also addressing all of the other aspects of your life. It contains valuable resources to pursue as aids during your time of unemployment. Use the Getting Beyond the Day™ Workbook as your daily notebook to keep track of your accomplishments and "to do" items. The book is broken down into three main sections: Career, Family, and Life, with resources relating to each and words of wisdom from a hiring manager, an executive, and a person who has experienced unemployment. In addition, appendices outline other tips.

In offering this book, Nicole Antoinette wants to deliver a message of hope to you, the reader, to provide tools and resources to empower you, and to give you a strategy (a plan) to move forward.

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